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  • Polybutylene pipes were developed to help construction companies make plumbing installation easier and reduce their costs. Originally, the pipes were intended to permanently replace traditional copper pipes, and throughout the mid-1990s, they were in use in over 10 million buildings and homes. 

    Unfortunately, these so-called “pipes of the future” merely brought about more problems and ended up costing more in the long term compared to the traditional copper pipes they were intended to replace.

    There are even more reasons why you should replace Polybutylene pipes: First, their lifespan is only a small part of what was originally thought. It is common to experience catastrophic flooding in structures and homes fitted with these pipes. As more and more damage occurs, you will notice that the inner side of Polybutylene pipes start to show signs of flaking and deterioration. 

    Not only does this cause a high rate of leaks and brittleness, but harmful chemicals from the pipe are likely to leach into your home’s drinking water supplies. 

    Today, many homes still have functioning Polybutylene pipes. While they might appear normal on the outside, it’s highly likely that the pipes are severely degraded on their insides. It is just a matter of time till they burst and gush water throughout your house.

    If you have Polybutylene pipes in your home/building, you should have them replaced immediately. Many insurance companies may deny you coverage or increase your premium after flood damage triggered by these inferior pipes.

    Although solving the issue usually means having all Polybutylene pipes replaced, a reputable plumbing company like repipesorlando.com, specializing in this sort of work can accomplish the job in the shortest time possible (1 day). 

    If your Orlando home plumbing system was built using Polybutylene pipes, you are putting your health and that of your entire property at risk. Don’t wait until it’s too late to act! Contact Repipes Orlando today at 407-968-1801